Scrubby- Instant Pet Bath Mittens

Scrubby is made by a pet lover for pet owners on-the-go. Keep your pets clean wherever you are with this instant pet bath mitten in 3 simple steps. So easy to use-just add water, lather, scrub and towel dry.
Scrubby is made from all natural ingredients that is pH balanced and gentle on your pet's skin. Fragrance-free, it leaves your pet fresh and clean after every scrub.  You can use it as frequently as  you want without drying or damaging your pet's skin.
Use Scrubby in between grooming sessions to keep them looking good. Take Scrubby on a road trip with you. Scrubby can be used to wash  your pet's  after a day  out door fun on the trails, or at the beach or shopping.  Use Scrubby when your pet had an accident. 
Truly simple and convenient, Scrubby instant pet bath mittens is versatile and will be your go-to solution to keeping your pet fresh, clean and happy.